All Atwitter

December 23, 2015

This post is a follow up to some tweets posted last night; by me as well as some done by, or shared by, Margaret Cho. I can not speak for Margaret (and she does very […]


DNR 2.0

December 21, 2015

Update: Jan. 4, 2016 DNR 2.0 Breaks the Interwebs ! ! ! Yes, over a million hits in a quarter-hour as crazed fans attempt to grab a moment of history. The unintentional DDOS was a […]

Family, Identity

Circumstantial Evidence

December 10, 2015

In my first post about my undertaking therapy to uncover repressed memories I say that I have “only 1 or 2 before the age of 7. Don’t get me wrong, I recall plenty of family […]

Family, Identity

Deep Within I Know I’m Free

December 3, 2015

A few days ago I had my first session of hypnotherapy. No deep, dark secrets have surfaced, yet. It was an introduction to the Ericksonian approach. My therapist learned what many family & friends have […]