Family, Identity

Job, Career, Profession, Calling

October 20, 2015

The end of 2008 saw the end of a 12 year career in Customer Service/ Professional Sales. That was a rough year for many people- I was part of a 50% staff reduction in my […]

Brushing Fame

Don’t Go There?

October 3, 2015

A few days ago I wrote “[n]ot to suggest that improv is ‘fluff’ – as with all forms of comedy it can reveal inner truths in a less-confrontational way” about Whose Line Is It Anyway? […]

Politics And More

The Pope 2

October 1, 2015

Further to my post of 09/24/15, as updated, I have more thoughts on the words and actions of Francis, Bishop of Rome. While I disagree with the Pope on important issues- full marriage equality and […]