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This is a call for “Guest Posts” on this blog or my new site GenderQueer.Life.

Although I have plenty to say, I can only write from within my own world view. Learning increases both my brain and my heart- as I age I realize just how much I have yet to learn. One of the best ways to grow (myself, and other folk) is to spend time with, or read the writings of, other queer folk. To help make that material available, I want to promote and share others’ work (within the limits of my current fiscal reality).

If you have a blog and want to exchange guest posts, are thinking of starting a blog and want to ‘try out’ a post, or just have something you think my readers want (or NEED) to read….. let me know. I am primarily looking for works by non-mainstream queer folk- that is, not just another white middle-class WASP male. Of course it’s possible to be a raging queer, radical fae spirit that could pass as normal- I’ve done it for years.

I don’t get thousands of visitors a month but I do get regular traffic. My blog is in its 8th year- it gets crawled regularly and is included on various LGBTQ blog lists. Because the domain is my name, and I’m responsible to the hosting company, I do reserve the right to not publish anything but my goal is to never have to exercise that right.

Please use the Contact Form on this page to send me ideas, comments or suggestions (of a literary nature, that is).

Current Guest Posts:
I Can Hear You;
Outing Myself One Story At A Time;
Queer Sisters and Catholic Nuns;
Grandma – In Detail.

See also Silence Equals Death

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