Queer Gift Ideas- Doc & Raider

Doc and Raider Books by Sean Stephane Martin

“A couple of gay guys from Canada, Doc and Raider started back in 1987 as a small, single-panel cartoon whose initial appearance was in a LGBT publication in Vancover. They were quickly snapped up by others across Canada then Europe, New Zealand, Japan, and the Middle East… but always viewing things from a distinctly Canadian point of view. Tackling such issues as HIV/AIDS and gay bashing as well as leather contests and life with cats, Doc and Raider has rarely been a strip to shy away from an issue and looks for humour in the all the best places, whether political or pop-cultural or just about anything else.” (From the website About page)

In January of 2009 Sean brought Doc & Raider (and friends) to the web. At the time he wrote:
“For those not familiar with the strip, DNR started as a hand-drawn comic back in the mid80s in Canada and had a pretty successful run for almost a decade: two anthologies, about 3.5 million readers worldwide, and raising some pretty serious bucks for everything from an AIDS hospice in New Zealand to an arts festival in Scotland. I let the strip go fallow for a number of years, then brought it out of retirement a couple of years ago when the opportunity arose to convert the guys into 3D versions of themselves. This format is also allowing me to explore animating the guys; that should be a lot of fun.”

Also check out Sean’s work beyond the universe of Doc & Raider.

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