Easter 2014 – Make Mine Chocolate

Three years ago I wrote an essay for a college English class that required researching an issue and then drafting a letter to a local newspaper or an official who could address the subject. I decided to investigate the issue of people giving kids live rabbits as a pet at Easter. You can read it as a pdf file here.

Although the total number of live rabbits given as Easter gifts is much less than the number of puppies or kittens given as pets, those bunns have a greater chance of being thrown out or ignored (left in an outdoor hutch or a garage corner). And a domesticated rabbit has virtually no chance of survival in the wild; they will not form a colony as many feral cats do, and are likely to be killed by a dog or large birds. As a loving parent (grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc) it is our duty not to give a child a gift without knowing and understanding what is involved. My research suggests that rabbits are much more complex creatures than the images found in popular culture; they require and deserve a home that will appreciate them and meet their needs. They are social animals that will pair-bond if given the chance; two bunns are much better than one.

Please consider giving someone a stuffed toy, a chocolate rabbit, or some other gift. If you are still interested in giving a live rabbit, please talk to your local House Rabbit Society.

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