Wimp: A Coming Out Story in Song

Perhaps this is the result of yesterday’s seminar on Storytelling for Photographers, the fact that yesterday was the anniversary of R&P’s first musical performance (02/22/1982) or it could just be the way my brain deals with life, who knows? Be that as it may, this morning I arranged and re-arranged a series of songs from albums by Romanovsky & Phillips and Ron Romanovsky’s solo releases.

Wimp” tells the story of one man’s journey from lonely, unathletic loner to out and proud young man in 18 songs. The total run-time, as recorded, is about 60 minutes. I’m not the best person to write a story to go along with it; anyone who has the talent and the interest (and, if possible, the connections) to do ‘a book’ should contact Ron Romanovsky to discuss permissions and contracts.

However, I offer it here as a potential concert play list for a choral group or glee club that might wish to use it. Again, permissions go through Ron. About a dozen of the song titles link to short clips (~40 seconds each) at RomanovskyAndPhillips.com.

Act One
Outfield Blues (ITYBT)
My Mother’s Clothes (ER)
Boys (P2P)
Guilt Song (HR)
The Last Ones to Know (LFI)
One Way Out (LFI)


Act Two
What Kind of Self-Respecting Faggot Am I? (TIP)
Wimp (TIP)
Oh No I’m In Love (BPNP)
Give Me A Homosexual (ER)
Baby Take Advantage of Me (HR)
I Like To Polka (HR)


Act Three
Straightening Up The House (ER)
He Is My L-O-V-E-R (LFI)
Socks and Underwear (TUTF)
Homophobia (TIP)
When Heterosexism Strikes (BPNP)
Let’s Flaunt It ! (LFI)


(ITYBT) I Thought You’d Be Taller (1984)
(TIP) Trouble In Paradise (1986)
(ER) Emotional Rollercoaster (1988)
(BPNP) Be Political Not Polite (1991)
(HR)* Hopeful Romantic (1992)
(LFI) Let’s Flaunt It! (1995)
(P2P)* Pittsburgh to Paris (2006)
(TUTF)* Turn Up The Fun (2008)
HR, P2P & TUTF are 3 of Ron’s solo albums

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