Anniversary Gifts

Suede Pillow; rosa 'Rainbow Sorbet'
Suede Pillow; rosa ‘Rainbow Sorbet’
As a photographer with a large library of rose images available as fine art prints as well as on apparel and many other great gift ideas, I think I have a great selection of presents for your upcoming anniversary; whether or not there was a state-recognized ceremony. Should you or your loved one prefer some other flower, I do offer others- iris, lilies, lotus, hosta, hibiscus, spiderwort, tulips and more.

I can personalize almost any item in my Cafepress shop, or with well over 7,000 floral images (and other urban and nature scenes) I can produce a custom commission if you prefer.

Fruit for your Fourth
Fruit for your Fourth
However, should you want something a little more traditional, I suggest you consider a stunning gift from Just Paper Roses. They offer an incredible array of roses made from paper- and leather and wood. They offer the full list of traditional anniversary materials. That is an affiliate link so I earn a small commission should you make a purchase; a quick look around this site should make it clear I only promote companies/ products that I believe in.

A purchase from JPR not only qualifies as buying American, this company, based in rural Georgia, is openly supportive of marriage equality; they write “we are in the business of helping EVERYONE celebrate Anniversaries as they truly are benchmarks of relationship successes. Whether or not you live in a State (or country) that recognizes Marriage Equality, be sure to celebrate your successful relationship.

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