The Language of Freedom

Word of the Day: “homogrifying” adj; colloq.
[1] the act of encouraging queer people to live an open life;
possibly a merger of ‘homosexual’ and ‘gratifying’.
Ex: “moving to NYC has been a homogrifying experience”

[2] Causing fear in uptight people they may have repressed desires for someone of the same gender;
possibly a merger of ‘homosexual’ and ‘terrifying’.
Ex: “the lastest news from BSA is homogrifying”

Almost never found in academic circles it has recently been discovered by reich-wing fundamentalists. They tend to use it incorrectly; such as “homogrifying the Scouts would hijack the very mission of scouting“.

Not to be confused with “homography” noun;
[1] a memoir or biography of a person who earns their living as a “professional homosexual” such as a gay rights activist or someone always exhibiting exceedingly feminine mannerisms (such as John Inman).

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