Pink Triangle Day 2013

Celebrated in Canada [unofficially] since 1980; Pink Triangle Day is dedicated to honouring love in our lives. As Harold writes at, “Pink Triangle Day was never intended to be a gay/lesbian copy of Valentine’s Day. Rather its focus was to celebrate the wide ranging diversity of gay and lesbian relationships within our community. It was not only acceptable, it was encouraged, to extend good wishes to ALL of the significant people in your life.

Our designs for 2013 all include the pink triangle; although not as well-known as the Rainbow Flag the pink triangle has a longer history. One design features just the date while two others include the date and taglines inspired by the 1979 Resolution proclaiming the event.

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Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

My house, built in 1910 and still settling as it sat under 20 feet of flood waters in 1913, has been a challenge. The latest, and so far the most expensive, emergency issue has been replacing the outside water line – bringing me to the verge of bankruptcy.
In order to raise funds, I am offering Thank You gifts with donations, discounts on GPS Card Readings and special bundle pricing on my various self-published books.