The Death of Hyacinthus

My studies in Digital Photography at Columbus State Community College are almost done. In fact this semester I am not taking any photography or design courses. I am taking Writing For The Web as a Communications course along with courses in American History, Classical Mythology and Introductory Philosophy. When I signed up for all four it seemed reasonable as it was before I accepted the position of School Picture Taker with a regional firm. Be that as it may, I am doing extensive reading, weekly assignments, and a few papers.

I am quite pleased with my paper about the painting The Death of Hyacinthus by Tiepolo. Not only am I pleased with it, the instructor asked my permission to share it with the class as an example of a well-written paper. Of course many people have heard stories of classical Greek and Roman gods and their habit of bedding humans of both sexes. Such stories are the basis of any number of works of art. I was excited to find a piece that has its own story of (possible) same-sex love attached to its commission.

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