Bluefin Dragon

I’ve finished the last quarter at CSCC- the new semester system will start next week. As part of my ‘down time’ I like to dig up old (very old) artwork of heraldic and mythical beasts such as dragons and (of course) griffins. I retouch the artwork, add colour, and prepare files suitable for apparel and other great gifts.

Here is my latest work- I call it Bluefin Dragon 038. The drawing is a retouched and hand-coloured Chinese dragon, from a lantern shade. I’ve given it gold scales and deep blue fins. The design is available on a wide assortment of shirts and other apparel as well as on drinkware, totes and other great gifts.

With my consolidation of Authorized Production Partners moving forward, this product is no longer available. This post will be updated in the future.

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