ShoeFiti 2961

Boots dangle from power linesShoeFiti 2961hdr
The practice of throwing shoes (or boots) in the air to wrap around a utility line (power, phone, cable, etc) has been described as everything from “angels feet” marking the death of a gang member to “just another prank by drunken students“. These boots seem to be in good condition. The colour has been enhanced as part of the HDR technique. This combines three images of the same scene, but shot with different exposures, to reveal detail in both shadow and highlight.

I closed my shop at ZenFolio a few years ago. My current selection of Shoefiti Fine Art Prints is available at

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Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

My house, built in 1910 and still settling as it sat under 20 feet of flood waters in 1913, has been a challenge. The latest, and so far the most expensive, emergency issue has been replacing the outside water line – bringing me to the verge of bankruptcy.
In order to raise funds, I am offering Thank You gifts with donations, discounts on GPS Card Readings and special bundle pricing on my various self-published books.