News of the Day

Today has been a great day, and not only because the temperature here in central Ohio reached an unseasonably warm 50*F (10*C). First, I checked my lottery ticket and discovered that I matched the bonus ball on last night’s PowerBall drawing; won $3. Not momentous but it covers tickets for the next few drawings. Then, my name was drawn for a “Mary Poppins” prize pack from Cityscene Magazine – the prize includes a CD of the original London cast and a Holiday Ornament for our tree.

As nice as those things are, the highlight clearly has to be my becoming Associate Editor (Marketing) of Sibling Rivalry Press. I will be responsible for “keeping the world talking about SRP publications and authors long after their publication date.” SRP is an independent publisher in suburban Little Rock AR that started with LGBT poetry and is expanding into additional subject areas. It is an exciting opportunity to use my years of sales and marketing experience to promote ‘literary rock stars‘ and spread some culture.

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