Last Minute Holiday Shopping

As regular readers know, I donate my time, energy and photographic skills to helping local animal rescue organizations find ‘furever homes’ for a number of pets. However, please do NOT give a pet as a holiday present unless the intended recipient (and the entire household) is truly prepared. A pet, of any species, is a long-term commitment.

I refer you to the following paper; my final essay for a college-level English class earlier this year. The paper addresses the giving of pet rabbits at Easter, but is relevant to pets as gifts at any time of year.

Should you decide to proceed with a pet as gift, please do not ‘go cheap‘ and pass on proper supplies; training crate for a puppy, good quality litter box for a kitten, cage and other supplies for rabbits and other small pets. And keep the pet away from wrapping paper, bows, and other presents that could hurt (or be hurt by) your new family member.

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