I Woke Up This Morning

My pen had been silenced;
My voice- not gone so much as distracted.
Life interferes; or guilt at living
When too many other lives were ended.

Perhaps it was time used to heal
Or at least to work through the anger.
But even if it was just time spent hiding,
I am done being silent.

© Copyright 2011 Brian Gryphon


The Stone Wall

To those who came
        before me
Stood tall and proud
(Sometimes on their knees-
        but still proud)

Spoke out against oppression
(Sometimes in whispers
        but still speaking)

Fought the good fight
Beaches, bars and, at times,
        on the street
Stood up and said

Never took the ‘easy way out’
Finally took a stand
        behind the stone wall.

© Copyright 2011 Brian Gryphon


Youth, sweet youth-
Intense exploration of
A world of
Fun, frolic and frocks.
Love is sweet
     (bitter-sweet actually).
Vibrant colours & patterns;
     part of the
Mating dance.
The begining of

The middle way
So easily becomes
     straight + narrow.
A world of responsibilities,
Time in the corporate world.
Walls protect
     yet divide.
Keep out danger;
Keep in fear;
Keep out

Grown up?
     grown old.
Cholesterol, blood sugar;
Benign hyper-
A world of liabilities.
Wisdom whispered;
    is anyone listening?
Memories (some real)-
Some days they comfort
And recall

© Copyright 2011 Brian Gryphon

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