Pink Triangle Day 2011

Give a gift that declares your pride and reminds the world that love is to be honoured and celebrated.

Pink Triangle Day is an unofficial Canadian holiday celebrated on February 14th each year. It was declared at the annual meeting of CLGRC (the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Rights Coalition) in July of 1979. One of the main events that year had been the acquittal of the officers of Pink Triangle Press on charges of obscenity over publication of an article that dealt with child sexuality. The pink triangle has historic connections for the queer community.

Although not an official holiday (not yet a well-known celebration), it is a perfect opportunity for queer people to celebrate the love in our lives, our extended families, and the relationships we value without trying to mimic St Valentine’s Day and the traditional expressions of heterosexual affection that have become part of its mythology.

For the complete text of the CLGRC resolution and more details on the history of PTD, please visit – a site established and maintained by my friend Harold.

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