My Learning Philosophy

As part of my first week of an English class, I had to submit a piece (around 200 words) that outlined my personal “learning philosophy“. Here it is:

* Learning should be a life-long exploration;
* Very few things remain unchanged; I will be open to re-learning;
* I will learn about what I must, but spend more energy learning about what interests me;
* Learning facts represents only one way to learn.

I abhor fundamentalism; the world-view that there is only set of unchanging, universal truths that have and will always apply to every person in every situation. We change, our circumstances change, the amount (and content) of general knowledge grows, and the universe we inhabit is ever-changing. Terminology and definitions change; Pluto is still (as far as we know) substantially the same as it was a decade ago. My learning includes the willingness to grow and change; be it correcting an erroneous lesson or accepting that something previously learned has changed in whole or in part.

I accept that ‘modern science’ and ‘rational thought’ are valid methods to explain and understand much of the physical world while also appreciating they each have their limits. Any attempt to define the totality of existance by those methods will be resisted as the fundamentalism it is. Statements presented as ‘fact’ are subject to review and debate and may be accepted or dismissed based either on evidence or personal moral compass at each person’s discretion.

There is not enough time in any one person’s life to learn everything; we each decide what is important for us to learn. For me, learning how to learn, how to analyze, is an important skill so I can learn more about what intrigues me.

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