Toronto Pride Parades

Over 60 photographs (many full-page) from Toronto’s annual Pride Parades offered in this over-sized (13″x11″) hard cover book make this a great gift, whether you live in Toronto or not. Click on the cute pictogram to the left of the Blurb logo to see the preview of selected pages in ‘full-screen mode’ for maximum detail.
    Begun as celebrations of pride and as a protest for equal rights, the annual Pride Celebrations in Toronto have become a celebration of much more. The event brings around one million people to downtown Toronto for a street fair and to participate in, or watch, The Parade.
    With the number of major corporate sponsorships some queer folk ignore this ‘official’ celebration in favour of a smaller, newer, community-based event earlier in June. This volume includes photographs from the ‘official’ Pride parades from 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Selected images are available on cards, magnets and other gift ideas at our NCOD shop. Some have messages for National Coming Out Day.

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