I am who I was born to be

Earlier this year I kept aside some of the money I’ve made from the sale of my images at various pod-sites to treat myself. Being otherwise unemployed, there has been little money; food and shelter are the priority. But, as I said, I treated myself. I purchased Susan Boyle’s first recording; “I Dreamed A Dream“. Since I am a sucker for female ballad singers (and I have been inspired by her story) it was exactly the right gift to lift my spirits.

This morning I was up early to drive jason to work; shifts are rare and beautiful things these days so if they want him there at 7am so be it. Returning home (today’s class starts at 9am) I decided to listen, again, to Susan. Whatever you think of her voice and her (possibly over-hyped) story, I love it. The only complaint I have is that her producers have gone too far in ‘mainlining’ her accent; there was nothing wrong with her natural one and it was a subtle reminder of her roots, her story. But that aside, her voice still gets me. I will always love listening to her sing the title song; it was how we met. And there are times when I share the sadness, the heartache of that song. And her story, her journey to the stage might well have been the final push I needed to commit to photography full-time.

More and more I replay another song; “Who I Was Born To Be“. Without denying I’ve made less than good choices and there are things I regret doing (or in some cases, not doing) I wouldn’t change my past because I’ve worked hard to become the person I am- I sleep well at night. And so I have to agree with this song; my quest led me here. From ripping out an over-grown garden at a house we lived in 35 years ago (leaving only the roses as worthy) and taking pictures for my high school yearbook to moving to Ohio 15 years ago, to (finally) taking advanced Studio courses so I can take my photography full-time. I am who I was born to be.

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