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One of the outcomes of the BlogPaws Weekend in Columbus is the Challenge given to all who attended to be the change we want to see. Today was designated as the ‘Official Blog Day’ for the first group challenge; to raise at least $500 for Pets Without Parents of Columbus, Ohio. Although my main efforts are with Cat Welfare’s shelter, and the Animal Outreach SNAP program, I have visited the PWP Shelter and met some of the great volunteers there.

Our three cats are now blogging (“their side of the story“) at TANcats.com and Thumper has spoken out. One of the points he makes is something I have believed for some time. The obligation to adopt, care for, or financially support the care of, kittehs and goggies is real and unending.

Some people like to say that such efforts are misplaced ideas of “Animal Rights” – I say they are wrong. This is a clear case of “Human Responsibility“. Our ancestors many centuries ago made a deal. An arrangement. A contract. Humans removed cats and dogs from the wild then trained & bred them to be dependent on humans for food & shelter, love & skritches. In return we must accept responsibility for them and all their descendants. Not just the “pretty” ones- not just the “lovable” ones- not just as many as we think we can afford…. all of them.

The work we do at “Animal Outreach” focuses on helping people on government assistance get their pets altered. In addition to the long-term benefit of reducing animal over-population, this program can make a real difference as people struggle to honour their commitment to care for their pets while living on reduced income. This program is helping our fellow humans; at the same time it is a small part of honouring our debt to those ancient pet ancestors. A debt we all owe, whether or not we want to admit it.

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