Calling All Angels

Regular readers of this blog know that I have been a volunteer at Cat Welfare for many years; offering photographs of current and former shelter residents to raise funds for the care of long-term shelter residents. Not sure if I’ve posted it here, but I became President of Animal Outreach Inc as of the first of this month. The main focus of this 100% volunteer-run organization is funding and operating SNAP: Spay, Neuter Assistance Program which helps central Ohio residents on public assistance get their pets ‘fixed’ and reduce over-population.

I am also the group’s WebMaster and Chief Tweeter (@OHanimaloutrch). And thus I really would benefit from attending BlogPaws 2010; described as “the first-ever pet bloggers conference, where more than 250 bloggers, writers and companies passionate about pets will come together“. Since the event is being held here in Columbus OH my only cost to attend is registration and parking downtown. Perhaps I should have chosen “so close; so close and yet so far” as a more descriptive quote for my title. If I was still employed the $150 would be a very do-able amount that I would pay without hesitation. However, as regular readers know, I am unemployed. That amount is more than our weekly food & supplies budget.

And so, as noted I am calling out to see if there’s an angel (or a few) that will sponsor my attendance at BlogPaws to learn and network with other pet bloggers (er, those who blog about pets, not your favourite cute blogger). If a business wants to sponsor my attendance they will earn my un-dieing gratitude and an ad in this blog’s sidebar. The event is the second weekend in April, so there’s still time. You can reach me through the Contact Form and I will provide my PayPal information.

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