The Day After…

The people of Massachusetts are so upset at the lack of progress from the “progressive” party they’ve elected a teabagger to the US Senate.

Obama has three choices:
1. withdraw into a ‘lame duck’ victim mentality;
2. strike out at ‘the left wing fringe’ that warned;
3. analyze what went wrong and fix it.

To those who say they don’t want to ‘waste time’ with incriminations; I agree that finding a ‘sacrificial goat’ would be wrong. But not taking the time to learn a few lessons from this will lead to a bigger disaster in 2 years. That whole ‘those who fail to learn from history are doomed’ thing.

The entrenched interests ‘inside the beltway’ are, of course, saying this means the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration need to be ‘more centrist’. Pharma, the insurance industry, the financial industry, the war machine… they might make token noise but not a one of them has not benefited (and in shameless excess) from the current Administration. If you view the past year as this Administration pandering to the Repugnent Party, Big Banks and Pharma then, I guess, moving towards the centre would mean progress.

But why stop there? If the Dems and this Administration are going to ‘man up’ and reclaim the mantle of Hope and Change, they should ‘bet it all’. I mean really- what’s the likelihood that a centrist position will satisfy the Repugs or make a dent in the serious problems this Administration inherited?

So go ahead- pass serious healthcare reform, remove the Insurance Industry’s collusion exemption, stop the insurance and financial industries’ assaults on the citizenry. Step up, double down, bet it all.

You might lose, but if you don’t ‘go for it’ you will lose and be a disgrace.

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