Love Is All It Takes

Goodnight my precious
Sweet dreams my little one
While the lawyers and the courts decide
What is to be done
I wish that you could tell them all
When they dare to question me
That we’re every bit the model
Of a perfect family

Another Sunday installment of Life’s Lessons from Romanovsky & Phillips.

Gay people have come a great distance in our fight for our rights; but we are not ‘there’ yet. Until or unless the Supreme Court steps up, we have to use legislation to get our relationships recognized. There are still people who think that a committed gay couple is somehow ‘less than’ the relationships behind marriages that fall apart in months, days, or hours. Cynthia Nixon has stepped up the fight for our right to adopt; in a country with so many kids waiting for a home. For the stability of a loving home as they unlearn lessons from foster homes; private or governmental.

And so I am drawn to this R&P song. The chorus sounds simplistic. Perhaps it is; but not everything in life is complicated. Love is what makes a family; something that many gay people learn as they build new families. Love and respect, caring and sharing- these things are what every child needs and deserves. Many of us (and not just gay folk) know how difficult life is without them.

And so we continue to fight to protect the families we choose to build; and we will succeed.

*Love Is All It Takes” Lyrics and music ¬©Copyright 1989 by Romanovsky + Phillips, Published by Bodacious Music (ASCAP) – from “Be Political Not Polite” available at the Official R+P Website.

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