Another Brush With Fame

Another story of my occasional ‘meetings’ with celebrities. I’ve posted about my (oblique) connection with David Sedaris and the Official Romanovsky + Phillips shops I run (I have Ron’s number in my address book). I haven’t posted stories about working at the Gift Shop at the Four Seasons Hotel (Yorkville) 30 years ago; meeting people from Kirk Douglas (my favourite) to Paul Michael Glaser (not so nice).

Earlier today I sent the following tweet: “@paulapoundstone happy bday!! <-- welcome to 50s (the new 40s don't you know)“. As someone who had to ‘work through my issues’ about turning 50 (see this post) I wanted to offer my moral support. I was impressed when Paula sent me a DM (a private message rather than a public tweet) to thank me.

I won’t say that I’m her biggest fan- I don’t know if it’s true and I view all such claims as self-aggrandizing on the part of whoever makes it. Of course since I’m now blogging about her sending me a private message, and claiming to be on a first-name basis with Paula (and Ron), I guess I’m guilty of that to some degree. But I can honestly say that I’ve loved her sense of humour and style since before her success on youTube and NPR’s “Wait Wait‘. My first memory of her is from her HBO special “Cats, Cops and Stuff” – so obviously there are some people who became her fans before she ‘made it’ to TV (and entered my consciousness) who may claim the title.

But all that aside, thank you Paula for 20 years of laughs; I’m looking forward to 20 more. And feel free to call any time.

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