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One of the most prized books in my library is my copy of “Doc & Raider Caught On Tape“. It is autographed by the author; the inscribed title page is shown here. Sean and I both lived in Toronto in the 90’s – and coincidentally both of us are now living in the USA (not in the same state). I mention D+R today as part of my on-going efforts to make sure young queers have an opportunity to learn about ‘ancient history’ (you know- life as a gay person over 15 years ago).

For those who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting D+R, they are a gay couple whose lives were, for some time, shown to us in the pages of a number of publications around the world (in addition to two books). Sean has a great ability to present aspects of gay life (typical, at least, of people I know) in a way that is familiar and humourous without being cliche. Doc and Raider have faced many of life’s great challenges; raising felines, life as a title-holder, a positive diagnosis, can one skate to Wagner?

Although their story is no longer being told in the press, they are alive and well. Their story can now be followed on-line at their blog. They still have plenty to say; discussing politics, monogamy, holidays, and that silly rumour that ‘The Gays’ are going to ‘take over America’ (I won’t confirm it; nor can I deny it). You can also find D+R at FaceBook.

D+R books available used at Amazon:

Doc and Raider: Caught on Tape

Doc and Raider: Incredibly Lifelike

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