I must confess I’ve approached this entry with a certain trepidation. While I promote equality for queers everywhere, my content here is pretty much ‘G-rated’. And today’s topic is going to be the same; or at least ‘PG-13’.

I don’t know who started the process; someone in ‘mainstream media’ or a blogger or one of the protesters themselves. But for some reason, it is common to refer to people joining in the current series of protests (lead generally by regressive, sore-loser, often-thinly-veiled-racists) called ‘tea parties’ as “teabaggers“. And every time I hear or read that I giggle. Not always out loud, but it’s there. Why? Well, as that other gryphon (Kathy Griffin [sic]) would say: “let me break it down for you“.

This is where the ‘PG-13’ stuff starts:
The term “teabagger” has been commonly used in certain circles to mean someone who “teabags“. The term “teabagging” in this case refers to a male (most often a male stripper, generally while working) standing over someone, exposing their genitals, and allowing their, eh, ‘teabags’ to dip into the hot, wet oral cavity of a (generally willing, if not eager) patron. The goal, at least in the setting I’ve suggested, is of course to increase the size of the tip said patron offers said performer.

The term is not specific to gay males, or to strippers – and the act may well occur at other locations. In fact, it could be happening right now in a house or apartment close to yours. Thus it is quite possible that the males who attend the ‘tea party’ protests previously mentioned are in fact “teabaggers“. And I say “more power to them” if that’s the case.

The idea of uptight, rabid, religious fundamentalist wingnuts cheering on groups of “teabaggers” just makes me giggle.

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