Sedaris Was In The House

David Sedaris was at the Palace Theatre here in beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio. As part of his 34 night speaking tour- every night a different city and with no breaks. He’s managed to be in California the end of this month and the start of November. And then he’ll be in Australia in January. Rough life.

How can I sum up the wit and wisdom of David Sedaris? He’s written half a dozen books and still hasn’t summed it up. There’s no way to pick a favourite anecdote; 90 minutes of non-stop wit. Certainly one of the best stories was the one that included (along with so much more) a son telling his rather conservative mother that she should wear a “Big Dyke” shirt to a rally, ’cause she’s just like a dyke holding back the tides of socialism. To hear more of that story, check and see if he’s coming soon to your city.

A handful of new stories (shouldn’t we be getting paid since he admits that he is editing and re-writing stories based on reactions as he reads to us?) along with diary entries… from as far back as 2005 right up to this morning. A diary entry from Champaign IL where, it seems, he warmed up for his big night here.

Of course I felt slightly slighted he didn’t use the story I sent him, or call me out as a “local correspondent” …but for all I know he gets dozens of letters from central Ohio. I have to call him out on his failed prediction. We of course attended his book-signing in June (see this entry) at which time his parting words to me were that I was going to be offered a job on 10/17, and it would come from a Virgo. Well, I guess there’s still 90 minutes to go, but I think he was off on this one. Ah well….

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