Wild Friday Night

jason and I went down to The Bookloft to hear David Sedaris do a few readings, and then have him sign a couple of his books (well- our books actually; but he did write them, well not these ones by hand… you know what I mean). The readings were as good as expected- something very new as well as something already published… then some observations from his diary. Man he sure knows how to turn a phrase. A few questions, much humour; all outside in great weather under a full moon.

Then we waited for about three and a half hours to get the books signed, and have a short audience (not that he has any pretensions, just that the structure of that book store meant we had to wait in line, then enter the pre-chamber, before being allowed into his presence). He asked what we do; so I mentioned that I was eking out a living with POD shops and Unemployment Insurance after being laid off.

He asked me about the last book signing I attended; in truth he had mentioned that earlier as a possible question, and since I had to think hard about it, I prompted him to ask me. It was Craig Russell signing his book “Craig Russell and His Ladies” for me in the Hudson Bay store in Toronto in 1979.

I would love to have stayed and chatted, but it was getting late and there were still dozens of people waiting. As I picked up our signed copies, he informed me that I would be hired on October 17 and told me the sun sign of that person. We shall see… I told him I would track him down and send him a suitable Reading Fee should it come to pass.

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