700 Billion Dollars Looking for a Home

Well, other than the obvious (“I’ll take it, thank you“) – if it is going to be invested in, used to purchase from, or otherwise given over to companies, partnerships, associations, trusts or anyone else… then (as has been already suggested elsewhere) there must be a surrender of shares, warrants, or other forms of ownership or capital ….. and I hereby propose that all of that (those?) should be given to, under the control of, and for the exclusive benefit of, the Social Security Trust Fund.

That is of course, in addition to all our current SSA payments & with-holdings. Since this administration thinks that the fundamentals of the economy are, at it’s base, sound- and since they have been so eager to ‘privatize’ all or some portion of the Social Security Trust Fund- they should jump at the chance to show us (you know, the unwashed masses who don’t trust them) just how wise a move that would be.

Remember that they keep telling us how SSA is going broke? Well, it is because all those taxes we pay get loaned to the Government at some silly low interest rate….. so let’s just add in a safety cushion of 700 billion dollars to ‘save’ Wall Street and SSA at the same time!

So- write your Senators, your Members of Congress, Secretary Paulson, Mr Shrub, and tell them to let SSA invest the 700 billion.

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