Turn Up the Fun! by Ron Romanovsky

Turn Up The FunHappy Days
This album (yes, I’m old enough to use that term) is ‘just what the doctor ordered‘ to fight off homophobia, bigots (religious or otherwise) and the winter blues. Ron has returned to his roots as part of “Romanovsky & Phillips” to bring us joyous, rebellious and thoughtful lyrics that remind us why they were such a big part of the Gay Folk Movement. The music shows what he’s learned over the past decade exploring his ethnic heritage and great French music. Although I did experience a flashback to “Guilt Trip” during one number.

Yes, I still have my R&P vinyl:
I Thought You’d Be Taller“,
Emotional Rollercoaster“,
and “Trouble in Paradise“.

In addition to Ron’s newer CD’s:
Je M’appelle Dadou” and
Pittsburgh to Paris“.

This is a great late Christmas gift, an early Pride gift, Birthday gift, or “just because” gift. Fourteen tracks offering (to quote) “alternative mental health care“. Available now directly from Ron’s Official web-site.

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